M-PESA: New Era of Parimatch

No matter what your current location is, Parimatch is always on high alert to offer sports-betting enthusiasts from Tanzania and other places of the world the best services. That is why, unlike other betting platforms, it does not stop improving and designs new convenient ways to make bets anywhere and anytime.

Apart from the recently updated Android application, Parimatch has opened new horizons for customers with the help of partnership with Vodacom. In this perspective, the service of M-PESA is easily accessible.

How beneficial is this service? First of all, it is a handy device which provides consumers with a convenient way to pay for Parimatch via mobile phone. Secondly, this tool enables fast access to payments of your account on the platform (both deposits and withdrawals).

Choose M-PESA as your favorite means of payment in Parimatch and enjoy a plethora of sports betting features for multiple activities (sports, shows, political events, etc.). It does not matter which type of betting you prefer — pre-match or live — M-PESA guarantees timely payments so that you will not a single chance to win more with Parimatch.

Stay tuned and find out more of what Vodacom is. Ready, steady, go!

Taking M-PESA Point by Point

If you are already a fan of Vodacom and M-PESA, then the learning curve will not be a great challenge for you. However, if these names does not sound familiar to you, our team has done everything possible at our end to make your Parimatch experience even more pleasant than ever.

Follow our simple instructions and use Vodacom like a pro:

  • call Vodacom via *150*00#;
  • find the field “Pay Bills” and click it;
  • put in business number of your Parimatch;
  • login (enter your phone number and password in special fields);
  • confirm the payment.

Now you are ready to start playing with Parimatch!

Handling Your M-PESA Account

M-PESA is a convenient service, especially what concerns its opportunity of fast and safe on-the-go transactions. Enabling you to pay online via your mobile device, this tool does also have an intuitive and user-friendly account, from which you are free to place deposits on our sports-betting platform.

In case you have doubts what the right way is to use Vodacom and M-PESA most effectively, take a look at our recommendations. They will help you create the account in the twinkle of the eye:

  • Step 1. First of all, you are to call *111#. This manipulation will forward you to the “My Phone” menu.
  • Step 2. After receiving access to the menu, select option 4 there.
  • Step 3. What you have to do further is to press 1.
  • Step 4. The system requires your personal information. Please, be attentive when entering it.
  • Step 5. Choose the language you would like to have an account in.

After these steps are done, you will receive SMS-confirmation. With its help, you can finish the registration process.

Benefits to Give Your Preference to M-PESA

If you are so far unsure why you should choose M-PESA among other payment methods, here there are some main reasons to do so:

  • Easy registration — An automated system of Vodacom makes your installing and setting up as fast and smooth as possible. All you need to do is just to follow instructions. It takes just a few minutes to get your M-PESA account.
  • You’re moving with the times — While other alternatives prove to be slow and inefficient, this one is state-of-the-art. On the one hand, it is multipurpose and can cope with a lot of traffic. On the other hand, the payments are done fast and literally effortlessly. What else is necessary in the 21st century?
  • Low fees — Using services of banks can be worth a hefty sum. In case with M-PESA, you will be able to make deposits and payments without huge extra fees.
  • High availability — Thanks to this tool, you are not limited with time or space anymore. That means you are free to credit your Parimatch account and enjoy the experience with this marvelous platform.

What Is Necessary to Start Making Deposits via Vodacom?

To register on Vodacom M-PESA means to pass half of the battle. When using this tool to make deposits on Parimatch, this paying mechanism will come really in handy. Of course, it may be somewhat difficult for non-techno-savvy users to go for it. But our aim now is to simplify this task for everyone. The main thing here is to remember the principle: the algorithm is the same for every deposit case.

As soon as you have some funds on your account on the betting platform, you are welcome to check your prediction and logic skills, as well as intuition with the help of leading betting platform.

So, let’s get started with the basics!

Action 1 — Reach Vodacom

Once you have created your M-PESA account and confirmed it, you are able to provide several manipulations with it. In order to access the payment line, you are to call the service via *150*00#.

Action 2 — Paying Bills

After calling the number from the previous move, you will be connected to the phone system of the partner. It is automated, so you will be offered a range of possible options. In order to start paying process, click the fourth option.

Action 3 — Proceed with the Process

Then the system will prompt you to press 3. In this case, it will be necessary to mention the data of the company which services you would like to use to pay bills. Do not forget to enter unique business reference number of Parimatch.

Action 4 — Enter Parimatch Unique Number

If you are not sure where you can find the correct code, please, do not worry. Everything is as simple as ABC: it is 351144. Let the system verify it.

Please, make sure to enter this code correctly. If you make a mistake during these steps, the consequences can be unpleasant. Of course, you can just fail the transaction. However, the worst case includes you depositing the wrong account.

So, please, note that the code to enter as the Parimatch unique business code to make deposits via the selected tool is 351144 only.

Action 5 — Follow the Instructions

The next stage requires you to enter your mobile account code. So you should enter the mobile number which is linked to your account on Vodacom. This will enable the platform to verify the match between the person and account.

Action 6 — Choose the Deposit Sum

Of course, the system will ask you to specify the sum necessary to deposit on Parimatch from you M-PESA account. In this perspective, it is better to check twice the right amount of money. Otherwise, you will be required to repeat the process from the very beginning.

  1. Please, do not forget about the rules of responsible gambling and make sure you deposit a well-thought-out sum.

Besides, Parimatch always offers special bonuses to new visitors. In this perspective, the company gives a welcome bonus in the amount of 20,000 TSH when you bet your first 10,000 TSH (but there are some limitations). Make the necessary deposit to become a part of this promotion.

Action 7 — PIN Code

As mentioned above, when signing up for you account, it will be necessary to register a PIN code. It is definitely an important step: it allows protecting your account from unauthorized use.

Action 8 — Confirmation of the Transaction

It seems that the payment is done when you entered your PIN code. But do not be hasty in generalization. This is a common mistake of many users: they just do forget to confirm the payment. Do not put your phone away too early, when the deposit-process is not finished!

To confirm the payment, you are to press 1, and that is it! After this step is done, your funds are forwarded to Parimatch directly. Then you are ready to go in for betting sports either on your computer, or on your hand-gadget.

Please, note that it takes some time for funds to “reach” your Parimatch account. Usually, it does not take longer than a couple of hours.

However, in case something wrong happening or in need of advice, each customer is welcome to contact the platform’s support team. They are accessible via Live Chat or phone 24/7.


  1. How long does it take for the betting platform to get the transaction from Vodacom?

Usually, your account should display the received funds instantly or within a few hours after the deposit is made.

  1. How can I check if the transaction was successful?

To ensure the funds were really sent, you are welcome to come back to your account on the service. First of all, make certain that you really did confirm the payment. If it is not your case, then, please, wait patiently for 24 hours to find this process finished.

If you have fulfilled all described steps but the results are disappointing, it is high time to contact the support team of the platform.

You can reach out to them in multiple ways. Use 0800787878 or contact via support@parimatch.co.tz.

Wrap It Up

Our company has a special bonus for you: if you are eager to avoid any misunderstanding or want to recommend others to choose M-PESA services and explain its worthiness at the same time, click here to be up in arms.

Forget about visiting bookies and paying with your cash! With M-PESA from Vodacom, it has never been easier to enjoy Parimatch betting. Join our team and get all the benefits of modern betting!